Wednesday, 20 January 2010

3D tv and mt eden

Hey all!
So anyway ! Today I felt like doing a post on something different *drum roll* 3d tv!!
The other day I went to see my dad and he was telling me about this new 3d tv? I havnt really heard all that much about it but I think it seems like a pretty cool idea . The only flaw I picked up was that in order for this tv to work you have to wear the 3d glasses , but surely in your own home this would  be abit of a chore having to wear glasses everytime you want to watch the tv! So I was thinking wouldnt it have been far  more beneficial to put a large screen over the tv made out of the same material as the glasses that way the glasses wouldnt even be needed? But hey its just an idea lol!
I still think the concept behind the 3d tv is excellent! Who wouldn't want to watch there favorite film in 3d! Especially after hearing about how good avatar was in 3d! Anyway guys let me know what you think about 3d tv :) Im interested!

Anyway changing the subject! I recentlly found an album on the internet ! Mainly via youtube by a group called Mt eden! Its absolutely amazing and I think if you like dubstep or anything atmospheric you should def find a way to get this album :) Heres a few links from youtube of two of my favourite songs!



Dr said...

came because of your twitter request to visit.. interesting. a different view of you then the tweets show.. and yes the 3D idea was almost the same as my thoughts when I heard about it..

CraigEisele from twitter