Monday, 16 May 2011

Adventure time

So Im still a strong lover of Cartoonnetwork and just cartoons in general. I think as the years have passed cartoon networks standard of cartoons has gone down its become so boring. HOWEVER recently all has been saved cartoonnetwork have released a few new cartoons over the past few months that I think are AWESOME! Those being :

1.The misadventures of flapjack
3.Adventure time
4.The regular show

So at the moment im totally obsessed with adventure time....This cartoon is pure AMAZING GENIUS lol whenever I watch it im like in a fit of giggles for AGES! if you havnt watched it I strongly reccommend it. Even if you dont like cartoons im sure youll appreciate the random messed up comedy!

Here are some clips from this crazy Cartoon:

This scene made me laugh so much:

This cartoon is CRAZY everyone must watch it O_O!



Eleanor Winter said...

Yeah I just heard about this the other day and have watched all of the episodes on YouTube. Can't wait for the next series! Flapjack is really good, too.