Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Trying something new

Hey guys,

So as im sure everyone knows I colour alot of my images by hand and also Photoshop. HOWEVER  I very rarely if ever create something from scratch on Photoshop...I think I just love traditional mediums wayy to much! BUT today I attempted to create something completly from scratch on photoshop....Its in progress but I like it so far :)! Ive decided its the way forward for me! Even if I find it extremely difficult. Also this was done with a mouse D:! I dont have a working tablet at the moment SIGH!!

Whadya think ?


Eleanor Winter said...

I think it looks pretty good! The only thing I'd say is that at the hair roots, the rounded ends of the brush are quite evident, and images always look better if you hide that a bit by tapering or blending the very ends. This will also make it look more convincing. Looking forward to seeing more!