Sunday, 6 September 2009


So Ive been wanting to do another blogpost for ages now , but I just havnt been able to think of what to do it on , or what I should talk about! But recently I've just had this massive obsession with angels anything to do with angels im like ooooo!!! SO thats what this post is going to be about!
I think angels and the idea behind them is just so intriguing especially when you read and watch people's accounts on angel sighting's. It really is amazing! I was browsing through youtube a few weeks back and came across two really interesting video's Id love to share with you :)
First of all I came across this video it's an out-take from recent filming for Talent Search. The TV Presenter David Grant claims to have seen an angel above the river thames! It all seems so real! Watch it , its so interesting!

I also managed to find this video I think this video is so amazing! It really does make me believe that angels are out there! But i always think to myslef why are some people allowed to see them and others are not? Whats determines whether a person can or can't see one?

 During the course of my angel obsessing time! I have drawn quite a few angel pictures :) I hope you like them!


Anyway :) Goodbye for now!! Hugs from lala! x

Oh P.S ! I also found some amazing angel photo from this website!



Tigz said...

oooh im really inspired now!

Lalalou said...

Ohh yaaay ! I think itd be soo cool If you done an angel especially with your style!! x