Thursday, 3 September 2009

Lala's animes!

Hey all :)
So you can probs guess by now but I am abit of a nerd ! lol So today I have decided to do a blogpost for all the anime fans out there! I have watched so many cool animes over the past few years and I just want to share them with everyone :) .Due to the fact that I am soo obsessed im gonna have to limit this to about 5 animes! As I dont want to be going on forever and ever :P! Dont want you to get sick of me now do I!

Okay so im going to completely bypass the classic animes! lol before we start I will embarrassingly admit that I used to be completely obsessed by the what I think are some of the most classic anime *whispers* pok..mon and err dragon....ball...z LOL!! okay anyway ! Now back to the future! One of my favourite animes of all time is *drum roll please* Vampire knight *goes all fangirl at zero*. Vampire night is seirously one of the most awsome awsome awsome animes of all time and I just LOVE it :) If you like vampire things and romance this one is definatly for you! Heres an amv! Go have a look :)

I really recommend you watch the whole anime its soooo good!
Next on the list I think is Onegai sensai! This anime ahhh I loved it! Infact it actually made me cry lol! Yes I cry at anime but it all got so emotional and trajic! Everyone must watch it :) The storyline is like so amazing and the characters are sooo good!!! heres an amv to show some clips :)

Ahh go watch it now! Its sooo good!
Okay one more girly anime lol! And then we shall move onto the tough stuff or so it seems!! Okay the next anime I want to show you is peach girl! *shouts really loud* OMG I friggin love this anime! Its sooooo amazing and soo emotional ! I love it! You must go watch it now!! O_O Its the general plot , girl likes boy , they are at school and a whole load of drama happens lol!! Another amv for this anime :) OMG you will actually cry if you watch the whole thing! Its so good!

Okay next! Of course you knew this was coming ! A favourite among many! lol its *roaring crowd* BLEACH!!! ahhh one of the most amazing animes ever , If you like samurai's ass kicking , sword play and abit of romance and just general perfection you should definatly go and watch this anime its amazing! Infact I would be suprised if you are not already watching it!
Heres an amv for bleach :) Okay be prepared for really loud rock music on this becuase it just seems to come with the anime ^_^; LOL

Anyway I know I didnt quite make it 5 but here's 4 really good animes for you to watch :) I hope you enjoy them!
Big huggles from lala! xxxx